Jean Marcellin


jean marcellin is deeply touched for your interest in his Art.


Born in Paris (France), jean marcellin is a self-taught and a self representing French Artist, who has been drawing and painting since early childhood when his Mother saw his interest for Art and undoubtedly encouraged him for the following years of his life. His hands and his eyes are the instruments enslaved to his mind, which capture the essence of his soul, to bring you a unique Abstract Surrealistic experience.

Monitored by the mirror of his imagination, jean marcellin captures the movement of his colors in the inertia of the strict lines to create a unique design set of expressions. The brightness of the outstanding symphony of colors of his palette leads a discerning eye to a different dimension where textures of the light and thick brush strokes marry the rich palette knife’s balance.

His words:


“The secret is in the light, I like to capture it.”


”I mix the colors for the pleasure of your eyes and I create forms to surprise your imagination.”


“I like to put a smiling face on everybody who looks at my paintings, at least a reaction of surprise.”


“I cannot really paint the past or the future; I paint the instant, like a footprint of the present moment.”


“I still don’t know why, but Art is my way of expression from the time I touched a pencil and gouache paints. It is when I mix the colors that the magic begins; a bigger magic took place when I came into contact with oil paints.”


“Sometimes, when I think about my childhood, painting was my only friend. Now when I think about my future could painting be my last one too or… is it possible to have only one friend in life? ”